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The Attributes of Thermal Comfort
Solution Essay

The Attributes of Thermal Comfort

A chair should “breathe”; its surface materials should
provide comfort and allow conduction of heat and
dispersion of moisture away from the surface of the
sitter’s more

  The Eyes Always Win
Solution Essay

The Eyes Always Win

Adjustable monitor arms play nearly as important a role in maintaining healthful postures at work as an ergonomic chair. That’s because the body will adjust however it needs to in order to put the eyes at the right distance from the work at more

The Health-Positive OfficeSolution Essay

The Health-Positive Office

Work at its best helps us be our best. Beyond providing a paycheck, work connects us to others and allows us to contribute to something larger than more

  The Kinematics of SittingSolution Essay

The Kinematics of Sitting

A chair should move the way the body moves. In the best of all possible worlds, the body is free to position itself spontaneously, constrained only by more


Supporting the Biomechanics of MovementSolution Essay

Supporting the Biomechanics of Movement

A work chair’s movement should mirror the user’s movement. Tilt is to a chair what suspension is to a car. A work chair can offer a great seat and back design, but without a great tilt, the work chair will not move with and respond to the user’s movements and more


The Benefits of Pelvic StabilizationSolution Essay

The Benefits of Pelvic Stabilization

A work chair should preserve natural spinal alignment, even in upright postures. Reclining postures help to maintain the natural curve of the spine by opening the angle between torso and thigh to attain pelvic more

The Evolution of AnthropometricsSolution Essay

The Evolution of Anthropometrics and User Control

A work chair’s geometry should reflect the full range of shapes and sizes of the population. The work chair should not only fit this broad range of users but also be easily fine-tuned by the user to individual work postures and body sizes by the more